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Valerie Lee Veltre

Fond of creatures great and small, Valerie believes each deserves love, compassion adequate care and admiration. After having lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania from 1993-2011, she currently makes her home at Bee Tree Farm, in the heart of Kentucky’s bluegrass horse country.

Valerie makes the most of this location as an equestrian, spending time riding her two
horses. She shares her home with a variety of four-legged reatures, including a dog and five cats.

She’s a fan of the outdoors in general, and enjoys making connections with the Earth through gardening. Along with her love of animals, she deeply appreciates the occasional good laugh with human friends and family.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from East Stroudsburg University, Valerie concentrated in Creative Writing and has always wanted to be a writer. An avid reader, she was inspired to write and illustrate her first book, Moo Kitty Finds a Home, after she rescued real-life Moo Kitty and gave him a forever home. She believed the resulting children’s book would help educate young readers about the importance of animal rescue,and especially adult pet adoption.

The real Moo Kitty is alive and well, enjoying aking daily excursions to inspect the flower garden at Bee Tree Farm. He can often be found in his favorite chair, napping on his mint green blanket. Along with so much else about the bucolic setting, Moo Kitty inspires his human to further pursue her writing career.

Now aspiring to be a full-time author, Valerie is currently planning her next book. She speaks to libraries, classrooms, church groups and community and civic organizations about adult animal rescue, sheltering and adoption. To learn more about her availability as a speaker contact her publisher at

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"Wow! What a dear book about Moo Kitty! Our shelter animals need Moo Kitty to tell their story and help them find new homes. Thanks to Valerie for making it such a vivid, poignant and heart-warming story for everyone!"

- Joan E. Brown, President/CEO, Humane League of Lancaster County

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