• Moo Kitty Finds a Home Media Release (PDF)
    Children’s Book Increases Awareness of Adult Animal Adoption Need
    Each year, six to eight million cats and dogs are abandoned in the U.S. They are taken to shelters, left homeless, and euthanized in some sad cases…
  • Valerie Lee Veltre – Author Bio (PDF - Click Here)
    Fond of creatures great and small, Valerie believes each deserves love, compassion, adequate care and admiration. After having lived in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, from 1993­2011, she currently makes her home at Bee Tree Farm, in the heart of Kentucky’s bluegrass horse country…

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Press Releases

  • Press Release 11-2-11 (PDF)
    Moo Kitty Finds A Home: New Children’s Book Increases Awareness of Adult Animal Adoption Need
    Lancaster, Pa. November 2, 2011 – Squidgy Press, an imprint of LifeReloaded Specialty Publishing, is pleased to announce the publication of an illustrated children’s book for young readers, Moo Kitty Finds A Home. Written by Kentucky author Valerie L. Veltre and brimming with charming illustrations by Pennsylvania artist Liz Leonard, the hardcover book introduces the problem of adult pets orphaned by owner death and their subsequent difficulty finding adoptive homes through a lyrical, non-threatening story…


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"Wow! What a dear book about Moo Kitty! Our shelter animals need Moo Kitty to tell their story and help them find new homes. Thanks to Valerie for making it such a vivid, poignant and heart-warming story for everyone!"

- Joan E. Brown, President/CEO, Humane League of Lancaster County

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